Synergy Trades Group are the experts to call for an electric car charger installation on the Sunshine Coast. We’ve got experienced certified electricians who are knowledgeable about installing EV chargers in residential and business establishments. You may already have a new electric vehicle or may be considering getting one, in any case, we’re giving you some helpful tips on having an EV charging station at home or at the office.

There are many things to consider when having an EV charger installation on the Sunshine Coast. That’s why we’ve come up with a checklist, so you’ll be able to remember what you need for a car charger install on the Sunshine Coast. Note that the information we have is just a guide to give you an idea. All installations should be done by a licenced and qualified electrician and according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, in line with the state and territory regulations across Australia.

If you are in search of an expert service offering an electric car charger installation on the Sunshine Coast, call Synergy Trades.

Where to Install the EV Charger

Before you have an EV Charger installed, you need to identify where you intend to park your electric vehicle while charging it. Preferably, the charging station should be situated no more than 3m from the connection port of your EV. You can have the outlet close to the garage door or in an area where you prefer to charge your EV. This way will give you more flexibility as you can charge the car whether it’s inside or outside of the garage. Do not forget to allot a space on the wall where you can mount the charger.

Things to Consider Prior to EV Charger Installation

Always seek a licenced and qualified electrician to install your EV chargers at your home or office, and that he can readily provide an on-site quote before beginning any work. Please bear in mind that cable length determines the flexibility of your parking options. The longer the cable, the heavier it gets; generally, it’s 3kg for a 5m cable and 6kg for a 10m cable.

As always, our expert EV installers will discuss these and other things you need to know prior to commencement of work. Give us a call to see which kind of EV charger you need to have installed in your home or office.

What’s the Right EV Charger

New generation EVs will be having a faster onboard capacity that will use the more powerful 3-phase connections. If your home or office has access to a 3-phase power connection, we highly recommend that this be made available to you with an outlet where you intend to install your EV charger. If no connection is available, you can opt for a single-phase connection with a capacity of 32 amp to give you a power of 7.4 kW.

There are EV chargers with configurable outputs that will work on both single and 3-phase connections. Fortunately, we have them. Whatever the case may be, our expert and licenced EV charger installers can determine what your home or office has, or if there are any updates or upgrades needed for installing an EV charger in your appointed location.


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