At Synergy Trades Group, we strive to provide the best supply, repair, maintenance and servicing for air conditioning on the Sunshine Coast. With an experienced and dedicated team of licenced electricians, owners of split systems on the Sunshine Coast can look forward to a high-quality and friendly service. The same goes for owners of ducted systems on the Sunshine Coast. Our customer-focused team of experts also perform installations, repairs, and maintenance services.

More than the range of services, we are proud to say that our competitive pricing has undoubtedly made us the go-to repair and service company for air conditioning on the Sunshine Coast. We always get the job done on time, every time, and within budget!

Split System Air Conditioning

Let our highly skilled, licenced, and certified split system air conditioning professionals check out your system. They’re all experts at finding out what’s troubling your unit, whatever the brand may be. That’s because they’re technical knowledge and skills are always updated through trainings and the use of the latest tools and technology in doing their job. You can rest assured that we’ll get the job done within budget, on time, every time!

With a wide experience under their belt, our expert technicians who are all licenced and certified in installing various brands of air conditioning systems for home and office can assure you of quality craftmanship. They are highly skilled in installing different split type systems. They also do back-to-back, side exit, or over ceiling installations, depending on what design requirements has been approved.

Ducted System Air Conditioning

Synergy Trades has the finest ducted air conditioning unit specialists today! With their vast experience handling different brands of ducted system air conditioning that are being used for commercial and residential establishments, they can easily diagnose what’s wrong with your unit. They readily give their professional recommendations so you are left with the best possible solutions that wouldn’t break the bank.

Installation, repair, and maintenance of ducted systems are done professionally, within the budget agreed upon, on time, every time. We can also lend our design expertise in zoning to maximise the installation of your ducted system. With zoning, you can switch on or off areas that do not need cooling or heating, letting you save on electricity.

Whatever it is that you need us to do, be it installation, repair, maintenance service of either split system or ducted system air conditioning units, you can trust our highly skilled, licenced, and certified electricians will always do their best, delivering the highest level of professionalism and customer satisfaction. Call us now for any enquiries you may have.


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