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When it comes to the best plumber Bokarina has to offer, no one beats Synergy Trades Group’s team of plumbing experts! We are your professional plumbing contractors, providing commercial and residential plumbing services delivered by our vastly experienced and licenced plumbers. Our array of plumbing services and affordable pricing have made us the go-to plumbing company in Bokarina.

We know that plumbing issues are not fun and can be a headache. From leaking taps, running toilets, blocked drains and leaking gutters to hot water systems and proactive maintenance, we can take the pain out of any plumbing job. You can trust our plumbing experts to attend quickly and repair the issue efficiently. Our company wouldn’t be the go-to plumbing Bokarina locals call if we’re not that dependable.

All of our work is completed in accordance with Australian Standards and Plumbing Regulations.

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What are plumbing services?

All residential, commercial, and industrial properties have a wide range of plumbing systems that include water supply, sewer drainage, and gas. Plumbing and drainage trades attend to specific devices, mechanisms and components found in and around your different plumbing and gas systems.

Synergy Trades Group specialise in the servicing of three major plumbing systems.

  • Water Supply
    • Hot Water Systems
      • Installation of a new hot water systems in your home or business
      • Repairing or servicing your existing hot water system
      • Replacing or upgrading your existing hot water system
      • Replacement of an element or thermostat in your hot water system
    • Water Leak Detection
      • Locating hard-to-find water leaks using the latest technologies
      • Locating the source of unexplained surface moisture or ground dampness
      • Locating water leaks below concrete slabs, driveways, and walls
      • Water bill reduction and assistance with credit claims from Unitywater
    • Drainage
      • Blocked Drains
        • Blockage Inspection – We use the best drainage cameras and CCTV technology to identify and locate blockages. We can show our clients what’s in your drains using photographic evidence
        • Blockage Clearing – We remove blockages thoroughly using the industry leading hydro jetting method (jetter)
        • Drain Maintenance – We keep your drainage systems functioning effectively, prevent serious drain blockages, and reduce lingering bad odours
        • Drain Repairs – Complete or partial repair of drainpipes and systems
        • Drain and Sewer Cleaning – For professional heavy-duty cleaning that clears blockages

What is plumbing work?

Plumbing work is the professional labour done to address the different plumbing system requirements of your property. These include installation, troubleshooting, repair, replacement, and maintenance as well as inspection, testing and reporting. Synergy Trades Group can provide you with the most highly skilled and experienced professional plumber Bokarina residents have come to rely on to do all these right the first time.

  • Installation – Fitting and furnishing of new systems or individual components
  • Troubleshooting – Finding any damaged or malfunctioning mechanisms or parts in your plumbing system
  • Repair – Fixing devices or components that are broken or not working properly
  • Replacement – Exchanging mechanisms or parts that can not be repaired with new ones.
  • Maintenance – Includes cleaning as well as ensuring that your plumbing systems are operating in optimal conditions
  • Inspection – Checking if your plumbing systems and all its components meet safety and quality standards
  • Testing – Annual testing of backflow prevention devices
  • Reporting – Submitting written reports & Forms to Bokarina Council following RPZ testing. Submitting Form 4s to the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) as required.

When is plumbing required?

You will require plumbing if you are constructing a new property, renovating an existing one, having trouble with your water supply, drainage, and/or gas system; wanting cleaning and/or maintenance; and needing inspection, testing and reporting.

  • Construction and Renovation
    • Building a new property, you will need to install new plumbing systems. If you are renovating an old property, you will need to inspect, repair, upgrade and replace any damaged or malfunctioning plumbing systems and/or components.
  • Trouble Needing Repair and Replacement
    • If you have any trouble with any plumbing system or components in your property, you will need the most keen-eyed professional plumber Bokarina has to offer to quickly and properly diagnose these issues and then fix or replace them.
  • Cleaning and Maintenance
    • Your plumbing systems and its different components need proper cleaning and maintenance to ensure that they work properly and last for the maximum lifespan.
  • Inspection, Testing and Reporting
    • You may need inspections, tests and reports if you want to sell your property, rent it out, and/or certify it to ensure that your plumbing systems meet all safety and quality standards.


No plumbing problem is too big or too small for us. Let the vast experience of a professional plumber Bokarina homes and businesses trust work for you.

Our Plumbing Services Inlcude


Synergy Trades Group takes pride in having the best plumbers around, delivering service that leaves our clients impressed. That’s because we take care of our team, providing them with the training and upskilling they need. We also provide them with the latest tools, technologies, and equipment to complement their knowledge and experience.


With our over 70 combined years of industry experience, we can say that we know what our clients want — a responsive plumbing service that is cost-effective and great customer experience. With our honest, friendly, professional, fully insured and licenced plumbers, you can expect the superior plumbing service that has made us the go-to plumbing service company in the area.

Plumbing Costs and Synergy Prices

How much is the particular plumbing service?

Synergy Trades Group offer competitive pricing for each plumbing service that we offer and we pride ourselves on our customer service. We are fully licenced plumbing contractors so you can be assured that we adhere to the strictest rules and regulations set by government authorities.

Whether you need plumbing for your water supply, drainage, or gas systems, you can be assured that our prices are well within general market guidelines and on par or better than what our competitors have to offer. We can also provide a quote upfront so you know what your job will cost.

All you have to do is get in touch with us and provide us with the details with regards to your plumbing requirements. Our team will then provide you with a detailed quote with upfront prices that will include the labour and materials needed and without any hidden fees or charges.

How much does plumbing cost in Bokarina?

Plumbing costs depend on the size, scope, and complexity of your requirements. The cost of a fixing water leak from a defective tap or shower will be cheaper than a leak caused by an underground mains water pipe. Of course, having one small issue like needing to fix a single valve in your hot water system will be less expensive than having to repair and even replace the whole system entirely.

Likewise, the costs of the plumbing products and materials needed will hinge on what type of property you have. Since residential, commercial, and industrial properties have different safety and quality standards, it is a given that the different components needed will have price differences.  Synergy Trades Group employ both Plumbers and Electricians, so each job is managed internally ensuring our clients have only one point of contact throughout your job.

You don’t have to worry about expensive plumbing costs though as we here at Synergy Trades Group pride ourselves in providing superior service with high-quality work and honest pricing.

Plumbing Services That Synergy Offer and Why WE Are The Best

Synergy Trades Group provides the best plumbing services in Bokarina. With over 70 years of combined skills, knowledge, and experience, we are trusted by hundreds of homes and businesses from Caloundra to Noosa. Our valued clients trust us because they know that we deliver the highest levels of quality-assured workmanship, service excellence, and customer satisfaction with honest and upfront prices.

We are a fully licenced and insured plumbing and electrical company. Therefore, you can have complete confidence in the fact that we adhere to the strictest safety and quality standards. Our tradesmen maintain clear National Police Checks, NDIS yellow cards, backflow prevention endorsement and gas certificates to add assurance to all our clients. Being fully insured and licenced by the QBCC, we have policies to cover for a wide range of eventualities.

So, now you don’t have to go on Google to search for plumbing services near me because you have just found the best plumbing services Bokarina has to offer. Get in touch with us today so we can show you how our team is dedicated to providing quality service and strive for complete customer satisfaction on every job or project. Read More


We aim for complete customer satisfaction on every plumbing project on the Sunshine Coast. See what our customers have had to say about working with us.


An experienced plumber in Bokarina will know that a worn out or incorrectly installed washer is the most common cause of a leaking or dripping tap. Damage or old age will also cause taps to leak/drip. If you have a leaking or dripping tap, book a visit from one of our experienced plumbers via this online form or call now.

Our professional plumbing contractors in Bokarina will inspect your tap and identify the cause. They will provide advice on whether the tap needs to be serviced or replaced then complete works in accordance with your budget and requirements.

Depending on the brand of your mixer and where water is leaking from, the mixer will either need to be serviced or replaced with a new mixer tap. Our plumbers are available to attend your home or business plumbing in Bokarina, simply book via this online form or call now.

No hot water can be due to either a plumbing or electrical issue. Call us now and we’ll troubleshoot with you over the phone then send a plumber or electrician to your property to get the issue resolved.

Any unusual or gurgling type noises should be looked at by an experienced and qualified plumber as soon as possible. A gurgling noise often indicates that there is a partial blockage in the drain, so it’s best to get this sorted now before it gets worse or becomes an emergency. Our plumbers are available to attend your home or business in Bokarina, simply book via this online form or call now.

If your toilet cistern is running or dripping, more than likely either the inlet valve or outlet valve washer needs replacing. To save water, get the issue fixed by one of our experienced and licensed plumbers in Bokarina by booking via our online form or calling now.

Not all toilet suites are the same and it’s important to check the set out measurements before choosing your new toilet. While we are happy to install a toilet suite that you have purchased yourself, we recommend that you give us a call to discuss your requirements first.

We supply quality toilet suites at affordable prices – we’ll even take your old toilet away and dispose of it.

Our plumbers are available for commercial and residential plumbing services in Bokarina, simply book via this online form or call now.

This is commonly known as “water hammer”, which is the sound of fast-moving water suddenly stopping when a tap turns off. The noise occurs when water collides with the closed valve – a hydraulic shock causes the loud banging noises. Left unattended, water hammer can lead to an array of major plumbing problems in the future including burst pipes, loose fittings, or damage to fixtures.

If you have this issue in your home or business in Bokarina, book a visit from one of our plumbers via this online form or call now.

Mixer taps are the most common style of taps used in houses and businesses. Rather than having individual hot and cold taps, a mixer tap is just one lever tap that “mixes” the hot and cold water supplies providing water at the desired temperature depending on the position of the lever.

Blockages prevent water and waste products from flowing freely down the pipe. Drains can become blocked for a number of reasons, including:

  • Buildup of solidified fat / grease
  • Buildup of soap scum / hair
  • Low quality toilet paper
  • Flushing baby wipes or wet wipes
  • Broken, collapsed or damaged pipe
  • Tree root entry
  • Foreign objects caught in the drain (toilet cleaner cages, rocks, toys or jewellery)

A DIY drain clearing remedy might work in the short term, however only a qualified plumber has the tools, equipment and experience to properly clear your blocked drain. Depending on the cause and severity of the blockage, our plumbers can use a number of tools/pieces of equipment, including:

  • Drain Camera Inspection
  • Hydro Jetter Drain Cleaning
  • Rigid FlexShaft Drain Clearing


Using a hydro jetter is the most common method to professionally clear a blocked drain. A high-pressure hose pumps water at 5000 PSI to clear obstructions from the drain, while shooting a stream of water backwards to propel the jetter head forwards.  It is the best tool to cut and clear blockages and tree roots. It works quickly and efficiently which minimises the cost to the property owner.

There are a few ways that you can try to clear a blocked drain yourself, however they may not provide a long-term solution.

Short-term relief options include using boiling water and detergent or bicarb soda and white vinegar, or you can try plunging the drain.  Unfortunately, if the blockage is further down the drain, it is very unlikely that a home remedy will clear the drain.

For a thorough and professional repair and advice on long-term solutions, book a visit in Bokarina from one of our plumbers via this online form or call now.

“Backflow” is the flow of water back into the drinking water supply. A backflow prevention device stops unwanted water entering our water supply, protecting is from drinking or using contaminated water. Backflow Prevention Devices must be registered with Council upon installation and tested annually by a licenced and endorsed plumber.

Backflow Prevention Devices must be registered with Council upon installation and tested annually by a licenced and endorsed plumber in Palmview.

Regular testing and maintenance of backflow prevention devices prevent the mains water supply from becoming contaminated.

If a test report (Form 9) is not submitted by the due date, you may receive a reminder from Council.

We are fully licenced, endorsed and insured for testing of backflow prevention devices. Our services include testing, installation, and repairs to backflow devices. Book one of our backflow plumbers today via this online form or call now.

Yes, Synergy Trades Group have fully licenced and insured gas fitters. We can install and maintain residential and commercial gas appliances including hot water systems and ovens. Book one of our gas fitter plumbers today via this online form or call now.

The cost to replace a hot water system in Bokarina varies depending on the type of hot water system and the location of the system within your property. We supply and install electric, solar and gas hot water systems.

Contact us via this online form or call now to speak to a friendly member of our team. We will discuss your requirements and provide you with an obligation-free quote.

If you are running out of hot water, you may need to upgrade your hot water system. Alternatively, there could be a plumbing or electrical issue with your system. Call us now and we’ll troubleshoot with you over the phone then send a plumber or electrician to your property to get the issue resolved.

A Water Efficiency Certificate is a formal certification that a property is water efficient. The certificate enables landlords to pass on the full water consumption charges (including bulk water charges) to tenants provided the minimum criteria have been met. These requirements are:

  • The rental property must be individually metered;
  • All of the internal cold water taps in the rental property (except those serving a bath) are to deliver a maximum of 9 litres of water per minute;
  • All shower heads in the rental property are to have a maximum flow rate of 9 litres per minute; and
  • All the toilets in the rental property are to be dual flush, with the maximum flush volume of the full flush to be 6.5 litres, and the maximum for the half flush being 3.5 litres. Additionally, they must have a maximum average flush volume of 4 litres (based on the average of 1 full flush and 4 half flushes).


More information on water charges for rental properties is available at 

Simply contact us via this online form or call now to speak to a member of our team. We can book in a water efficiency test of your property, and we’ll email the certificate to you on the same day of the test.

Some common reasons for roof leaks are:

  • Broken, perished or rusted roof screws
  • Blocked gutters and downpipes
  • Rusted roof sheets
  • Broken or cracked roof tiles
  • Non-compliant roof – wrong roof material or incorrectly installed


Our qualified and experienced roof plumbers can locate and repair roof leaks. Contact us via this online form or call now to speak to a member of our team. 

If you have received a huge water bill, or a water bill that is higher than normal, you probably have a concealed water leak.  Our qualified and experienced plumbers can locate and repair any water leak. Contact us via this online form or call now to book a time for a plumber to visit and repair your water leak.