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Synergy Trades Group specialises in supplying, installing, and servicing a wide range of fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, and hose reels and providing fire protection services for commercial businesses.

Every different type of fire requires a different type of extinguisher, as do different buildings and locations. Fire extinguishers are one of the most important tools available in the fight against small fires. Their importance and efficacy cannot be understated: an estimated 90% of fires are stopped using extinguishers before they have the opportunity to grow and deal more destruction. 

Because these are so effective, it is critical that they are properly maintained so that they can be used efficiently at a moment’s notice. But maintenance is not a simple task: it requires vigilant checks from professionals, and those checks must be conducted in accordance with regulations set out by the Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008.

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Fire Extinguisher Servicing

If you need to provision for fire extinguisher testing but can’t decide on a provider, here’s a deeper look at Synergy Trades Group and why we can offer the very best in fire extinguisher maintenance.

Our fire extinguisher testing service includes a data management system that takes care of your fire protection maintenance records. Your maintenance history will be easily accessible so that you can ensure timely testing and refilling of all your fire extinguishers. We provide each of our clients with a document that details the status of each device we test. Each item on the report corresponds to the fire extinguisher tagging our technicians conduct on-site.

Service, maintenance, and testing are required by law to ensure your fire equipment remains in working order. Synergy Trades Group licensed technicians to provide regular 6-month tests for all extinguishers, hydrants, and hose reels in accordance with the QLD development code MP6.1, Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008, and all relevant Australian Standards. This means you don’t have to worry about anything, we will manage the process from start to finish for you.

SUNSHINE COAST Fire Extinguisher Servicing

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Fire extinguishers, fire blankets & fire hose reels are required to be serviced every six (6) months as per Australian Standard 1851-2012. In addition, pressure testing is required at 5 year periods on all types of extinguishers.  Your fire hydrants and hose reels are subject to both regulatory requirements and insurance compliance conditions. Synergy Trades Group has the experience and expertise to deliver quality fire hydrant pressure testing and hydrant flow tests in accordance with Australian Standards AS1851 and AS2441. Should you be in the design stage of a new building or facility, Synergy Trades Group can provide design specifications that meet AS2419.1.

Synergy Trades Group begins the testing process with an analysis of your existing facilities and services with minimal disruption to your workplace. A technician will attend at a specified time to establish the correct functioning of your equipment.  This is determined via a series of diagnostic tests resulting in a decision as to whether your fire hydrants and fire hoses comply with Australian standards.

We can schedule your regular 1, 3, 5 and 6 yearly inspections or tailor a testing regime that delivers additional protection at yearly intervals.

Fire extinguishers are vital to control the spread of fire in an emergency situation and are required by law to be installed in Queensland workplaces. Many businesses employ our services for periodic fire extinguisher testing to ensure compliance and peace of mind.

According to the AS1851, fire extinguisher test and refill services should occur at the following intervals:

All portable and wheeled fire extinguishers need to be tested every 6 months.

Pressure testing and refills should be carried out at least once every 5 years.

Records of the tests and their dates should be kept on the metal tag attached to each extinguisher. The fire extinguisher tag should only be distributed by a licensed individual.  

Synergy Trades Group will check for defects or imperfections in the cylinder lining, as well as any corrosion that might indicate the need for a replacement cylinder. We will perform thorough inspection and testing procedures according to the current Australian standards.  Our staff follow a strict checklist when assessing the functionality of each item.

The following items cover the checks our technicians perform before applying fire extinguisher service tags:

  • Accessibility
  • Anti-tamper device
  • Exterior & instruct
  • Service tag
  • External damage
  • External corrosion
  • Outlet hose assembly
  • Pressure indicator
  • Contents full charge
  • Signage
  • Support bracket
  • Discharge nozzle
  • Weight

Ask our team members about compliance. We help businesses across Australia meet their legal obligations and provide safe working environments for employees. If you have any questions about your individual business requirements, get in touch today. We can help you secure your workplace with premium service fire extinguisher safety testing.

For an expert fire extinguisher inspection service, choose Synergy Trades Group today. We’ll check every part of your equipment to make sure your team members are protected. We even provide refills for all the different types of extinguishers. No matter what type of fire protection equipment on your property, our team members have the knowledge and experience to get the job done.  We conduct refills of all types of fire extinguishers including dry chemical powder, Co2, water, foam, and wet chemical. If you’re unsure which fire extinguisher you have available on your property, simply check the labelling or ask one of our team members to perform a site inspection.

Fire Extinguisher Servicing and Maintenance

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