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How Often Do I Need to Test and Tag Appliances in QLD?

Testing frequencies vary depending on the working environment and the type of equipment being used.  The type of working environment determines the frequency businesses require testing & tagging.

Some working environments may not require testing if RCDs (safety switches) are installed.

Business types are categorised in the Queensland Electrical Safety Regulation 2013.  Our team at Synergy Trades Group specialises in electrical safety and can step you through the process. 

A member from our team will arrive onsite, report to the person responsible for engaging our services before completing a risk assessment.  We welcome the opportunity to complete any required site-specific inductions.

Electrical Services

electrical Testing & Tagging

Testing and Tagging is the process of checking the safety of portable electrical appliances such as kettles and toasters or even office equipment and trade tools. Appliances are visually inspected for any damage and then electrically tested with a portable appliance tester. Once tested, the item is tagged and dated with both the test date and its next test due date.

Testing and tagging (test and tag) of electrical equipment is a necessary obligation required in the workplace to reduce the risk of electrical incidents.  This is usually done to compliment RCD (safety switch) testing as a way to provide a holistic approach to electrical safety.

It is also important that staff are fully trained for the equipment they utilise for the task in which they were employed.  Synergy Trades Group can assist you to develop a risk assessment tailored for your workplace.

Residential and Commercial testing & tagging

Synergy Trades Group specialises in testing and tagging of all electrical appliances to ensure compliance and safety.

Our Test Instruments

Synergy Trades Group utilise the industry-leading Seaward Supernova XE Portable Appliance Tester (PAT).  Our test instrumentation includes manufacturers such as Clipsal, Meggar, Hioki, and Kyoritsu.  We use quality test instruments that produce a computer-generated tag with a barcode. 

What Test & Tag Documentation Do I Receive?

Test data is downloaded from our instruments.  You will be issued test documentation consisting of a full detailed Asset Register and a Certificate of Test as required by the Queensland Electrical Safety Regulation 2013.

Our clients are issued a full “Detailed Asset Register” in PDF format.  The Detailed Asset List (or Electrical Register) lists all electrical assets tested.  The Detailed Asset List includes the unique barcode the appliance was issued, make, and serial number of every appliance tested.

All testing is performed by our licensed electricians.  Our master electricians have completed extensive training over and above their trade and are fully qualified for the work they undertake (including repairs).

Our staff are required to complete a thorough induction process before they are offered a position with our organisation.

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