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Synergy Trades Group Emergency light testing and exit light testing Sunshine Coast are fully licensed Electricians that hold the required QBCC Emergency & Exit Light licenses to ensure your business is compliant and safe in the event of an emergency. Evacuation lighting is essential during an emergency or in the event of a blackout.

We install, test & maintain all emergency lighting systems. Our mobile service means that you can access emergency & exit light maintenance when it is best suits you.  We strive to reduce your down time and reduce impact on your productivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Emergency & Exit Lighting systems are installed and maintained in accordance with Australian Standard AS2293.2 and must be inspected and tested every 6-months. Our staff will replace any failed lamps/globes identified during the inspection process. Each device will also undergo a discharge test in which our electricians will isolate power to the relevant lighting circuit to simulate a power outage for a duration of 90 minutes. The test will continue until every emergency light or exit sign is tested.

Your lighting system will be tested annually as the 6-monthly test, plus the inspection and cleaning of fittings and reflective surfaces. It is important that you hire a licensed electrician that holds an emergency lighting licence issued by the Queensland Building & Construction Commissions (QBCC) to maintain your system. Without a formal discharge test, you could be unaware of potential power failures in your system. Our licensed and experiences staff will identify any faults in your emergency & exit lighting system and provide a detailed report to meet the requirements of through thorough inspection and compliance with the current safety standards. A value of 40 lux is recommended for walkways and access areas.  This level should be considered as a minimum value and in certain circumstances higher levels may be required.

Emergency & Exit Lights must be installed in all enclosed spaces including stairwells and hallways that are longer than six meters. Rooms smaller than 100 square meters that were built before the first of July in 1994 may not require exit lights, however Synergy Trades Group recommend all areas are safe and well lit. Directional Emergency Exit lights can remain on all of the time (known as maintained) or may only illuminate during loss of power (non-maintained).  Doors that are part of the pathway to a required exit must also have a directional emergency light directly above to help people easily find the way out of the building in the event of an emergency or blackout. These signs must also be able to be operational when the electricity is off for the entire building so they can still be easily seen. They should feature an image of a person running (running man pictorial) and a directional sign to comply with the most recent guidelines.  

Building Code of Australia, an emergency lighting system must be installed on every level of a building where a storey has a floor space of more than 300m2. The system must be installed in every hallway that is part of an evacuation path, or in any room that has a floor space more than 100m2 that does not open to a hallway. Exit signs must be clearly visible and installed above doors that lead to any required exits or roads/open space. For more information regarding building compliance/exit and emergency light testing, you can read to Building Code of Australia or contact us to discuss your obligations.

It is a requirement under the AS2293.2 standard that any faulty lamps are replaced during the 6-monthly inspection. A member of our fire safety testing team can complete your emergency lights testing and replace any broken globes. Ask our technicians about energy efficient replacement globes. Replacing fluorescent globes with energy efficient luminaries (LEDs) will help to reduce lighting costs in your building as well as your impact on the environment.

Fluorescent lamps are being phased out in Australia, but there is a chance there could be some left in your building. The incandescent light bulb is significantly less efficient than modern alternatives. Enquire today to find out more about your energy efficient light replacement options. Synergy Trades Group can help you update your lighting system today.

We are specialists in emergency & exit light installation, testing & maintenance. We want our clients to be safe and protected in case of an emergency – with our impeccable maintenance standards, your building will have a clear, well illuminated exit in an emergency.

When you book Synergy Trades Group, you will receive a detailed logbook and a certificate of test (in PDF format) issued in accordance with the Queensland Electrical Safety Regulation 2013. You will also have an option to be notified when your next emergency light maintenance is due.

We will help your business remain compliant with Australian safe working standards with our ongoing support and excellent service team. Contact us for a free quote or more information about testing and tagging in your workplace.

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